Inspired by the world-famous cowboy Lucky Luke (Red Kit in Turkish), Red Kit is the ultimate tech-savior kit that you need in your everyday life. The 3 different products inside it all save for the same purpose: to solve the little technological problems that you face so often.


With the brand new version of our highly anticipated product Charger Aid, Red Kit saves the broken charger cables.

With Phone Holder, Red Kit carries your phone when you don’t know have a place to put your it as you’re charging it.

With Just Usb, Red Kit protects your laptop by preventing dusk and little particles to get inside via its USB input.

Have you ever wanted to turn your lights on and off without getting up or moving from your place? Than Clamp is the product that you need!  Once it is attached to your light switch, it will turn the lights on and off by recognising your clapping sound with its sound sensors.  With its goal to make use of minimal energy and movement, it is an affordable and an innovative product that will help you in your everyday life!



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