The organization department of Junior Achievement Robert College has always been a pioneer in Turkish JA clubs and high school teens for many years. Over 500 students participated in the Remixopolis Innovation Camp, which will be held in May 2019, for the ninth time. JARC also included some new concepts like “Entrepreneurs’ Panel” which also hosted more than 500 high school teens all over the country. Another concept that has been held for years is the “Elevator Pitch.” With this, JARC builds a live platform for 150 innovative ideas to be expressed for 4 years. The latest concept of the JARC Organization department is the “Summit,” which we held its first in March 2018 with the motto “Start to Climb.” Our innovative summit reached more than 700 high school teens for a day at its first time of organization, so it’s also an extended concept for high school teens in Turkey.