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Teenagers in high school age often have no idea how to initiate their thoughts and projects in their mind as a start-up and they often have insufficient opportunities to reach the necessary information. To answer these questions like, how to start life, how to manage the resources at hand, how to establish relationships in the business world and how to evaluate these relationships on long term process; we organized a summit as Junior Achievement Robert College club. In 2018, we organized our event called “The Summit”, which more than 600 high school students students from 3 different cities and 54 different schools were attended. Our successful and experienced speakers, each of which is a professional in their field, have showed their path of life and achievements to the young peers in the audience. Also, we hosted the workshops that targets 21st century competencies, 5 different student start-ups, 3 different food stands, an augmented reality stand from BAU and 3 different summer schools. Our workshops were made by Atölye, Endeavor, 1 Genç 1 Gelecek, Minorpreneurs and İmece.

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